Cummings, Burton

Burton Cummings
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – BURTON CUMMINGS)
Burton L. Cummings, OC, OM (born December 31, 1947, in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian musician and songwriter. He was the lead singer and frequent keyboardist for the Canadian rock band The Guess Who. During his 10 years in The Guess Who, from 1965 to 1975, he sang and wrote or co-wrote many songs including “American Woman,” “No Time,” “Share the Land,” “Hand Me Down World,” “Undun,” “Laughing,” “Star Baby”, “New Mother Nature,” and “These Eyes.” His solo career includes many Canadian singles including “Stand Tall”, “My Own Way to Rock” and “You Saved My Soul.”

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What Burton Cummings music I have in my cassette collection.

My Own Way To Rock

1 Never had A Lady Before
1 Come On By
1 Try To Find Another Man
1 Gotta Find Another Way
1 My Own Way To Rock
2 Charlemagne
2 Timeless Love
2 Framed
2 A Song For Him

Up Close And Alone

1 Albert Flasher
1 Timeless Love
1 Stand Tall
1 Sour Suite
1 Break It to Them Gently
1 Laughing
1 Undun
1 Clap For the Wolfman
1 I Will Play A Rhapsody
2 Share The Land
2 Goprdon Lightfoot Does Maggie May
2 You Saved My Soul
2 No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
2 Ferry Cross The mersey
2 Take One Away
2 I’m Scared
2 Dream Of A Child
2 These Eyes / Goodnight Everybody

The Best Of Burton Cummings

1 Stand Tall
1 I’m Scared
1 Your Back Yard
1 Is It Really Right
1 Nothing Rhymed
1 Never Had A Lady Before
1 Timeless Love
1 My Own Way To Rock
1 Charlemagne
1 Got To Find Another Way
2 Break It To Them Gently
2 I Will Paly A Rhapsody
2 A Song For Him
2 Take’s A Fool To Love A Fool
2 Dream Of A Child
2 Meanin’ So Much
2 Guns, Guns, Guns
2 Daggin’ Em Down The Line
2 Orly
2 Fine State Of Affairs

Sweet Sweet

1 You Saved My Soul
1 Real Good
1 Mother Keep Your Daughters In
1 Something Old, Something New
1 Nothin’ Wrong With The Road
2 Gettin’ My Daddy’s Car
2 Bad News
2 Someone To Lean On
2 Sweet Sweet
2 Firefly

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