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Rawlins Cross
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – RAWLINS CROSS)
Rawlins Cross is a Canadian Celtic band. With members from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI and Ontario, the band took its name from an intersection in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Rawlins Cross was formed in St. John’s in the late 1980s by songwriting brothers Dave Panting (guitar and mandolin) and Geoff Panting (keyboards and accordion) and Ian McKinnon (highland pipes and tin whistle). The band burst onto the East Coast recording scene in late ’89 with its first indie recording, A Turn of the Wheel and a video for the single “Colleen.” Just weeks after its release, “Colleen” scored a top ten radio slot on Toronto’s influential CFNY station. In 1992, the band released Crossing The Border, which further developed the fusion of highland bagpipes, mandolin and accordion with a rocking rhythm section. A year later the band recorded Reel ‘n’ Roll, which would be its best-selling album and launch a national radio hit with the title track. At this time, PEI singer Joey Kitson joined the band.

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What Rawlins Cross music I have in my cassette collection.

Crossing The Border

1 Legendary
1 Chessboard Dancer
1 Nightfall
1 Istael Got A Rabbit
1 Eleventh Hour
1 Stray Cat
2 Blues For You
2 O’Neil’s March/Haughs of Cromdale
2 Peace On The Inside
2 Memory Waltz
2 Sound Of Sleat/Ale Is Dear
2 Open Road

A Turn Of The Wheel

1 Wild Rose
1 Farmer’s Daughter/High Reel
1 A Turn Of The Wheel
1 Mountainside
1 MacPherson’s Lament
2 Colleen
2 Mar’s Fancy/Give Me A Drink Of Water
2 Shaken Up
2 Ghost Of Love
2 Sleepy Maggie
2 Gravel Walk
2 Little Beggarman

Reel ‘N Roll

1 Reel ‘N’ Roll
1 Don’t You Be The One
1 It’ll Have To Wait
1 Long Night
1 The Wedding Gift
1 Pedestrian Again
2 Mystery Tonight
2 Dance Hall
2 Ghost of Love
2 Turn Of the Wheel
2 Colleen
2 MacPherson’s Lament

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