Chesnutt, Mark

Mark Chesnutt

Long Necks and Short Stories

1 Old Country
1 Old Flames Have New Names
1 I’ll Think Of Something
1 It’s Not Over (If I’m Not Over You)
1 Uptown Downtown (Misery’s All The Same)
2 Bubba Shot The Jukebox
2 Postpone The Pain
2 Talking To Hank
2 I’m Not Getting Any Better At Goodbyes
2 Who Will The Next Fool Be

Almost Goodbye

1 It Sure Is Monday
1 Woman, Sensuous Woman
1 Almost Goodbye
1 I Just Wanted You TO Know
1 April’s Fool
2 Texas Is Bigger Than It Used TO Be
2 My Heart’s Too Broke (To Pay Attention)
2 Vickie Vance Gotta Dance
2 Till A Better Memory Comes Along
2 The Will

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