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Little River Band
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Little River Band is an Australian rock band, formed in Melbourne in early 1975. The group chose the name after passing a road sign leading to the Victorian township of Little River, near Geelong, on the way to a performance. Little River Band enjoyed sustained commercial success in not only Australia, but also in the United States. During its career, the band sold more than 25 million records and achieved 13 U.S. Top 40 hits – to add to awards gained in Australia. The band’s original members were: lead vocals Glenn Shorrock; acoustic guitar & vocals Graham Goble; rhythm guitar & vocals Beeb Birtles; lead guitar Ric Formosa; bass guitar Roger McLachlan; and drummer Derek Pellicci. The music and lyrics for most of the group’s compositions were contributed by Goble and Shorrock primarily — with contributions from Birtles and Briggs.

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What Little River Band music I have in my cassette collection.

Backstage Pass

1 It’s A Long Way There
1 So Many Paths
1 Statue Of Liberty
1 Fall From Paradise
1 Light Of Day
1 Intro: Night And Day
1 Reminiscing
1 The Man In Black
1 Help Is On Its Way
2 Hard Life
2 The Rumor
2 Mistress Of Mine
2 Tooo Lonely Too Long
2 Red Shoes
2 I Don’t Worry No More
2 Let’s Dance
2 Man On The Run
2 It’s Not A Wonder
2 Sweet Old Fashioned Man

First Under The Wire

1 Lonesome Loser
1 The Rumor
1 By My side
1 Cool Change
1 It’s Not A Wonder
2 Hard Life (Prelude)
2 Hard Life (Prelude)
2 Middle Man
2 Man On The Run
2 Mistress Of Mine

Greatest Hits

1 It’s A Long Way There
1 Help Is On Its Way
1 Reminiscing
1 Man On YourMind
1 The Other Guy
1 The Night Owls
2 Lonesome Loser
2 Take It Easy On Me
2 Down On The Border
2 Happy Anniversary
2 Lady
2 Cool Change

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