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Jann Arden
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Jann Arden (born Jann Arden Anne Richards; March 27, 1962) is an acclaimed and award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter. Arden was born and raised near Calgary, in Springbank, Alberta. She spent most of the 1980s playing her music in bars and busking. Her breakthrough came with her critically acclaimed 1993 debut album Time for Mercy and her first single “I Would Die For You”. Her success grew with 1994’s Living Under June, which featured her biggest hit to date outside of Canada, “Insensitive”, which was released as a single from the soundtrack to the Christian Slater film Bed of Roses (number 12 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100). Another single from that same album, “Could I Be Your Girl”, has also had significant, and consistent airplay on Canadian adult contemporary radio since its release, and in an unusual move for a Jann Arden song, even featured a dance remix version which circulated on pop radio at the time. Subsequent albums include 1997’s Happy?, 2000’s Blood Red Cherry (on which Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo sang backing vocals), and 2003’s Love Is the Only Soldier. She also released a greatest hits album, Greatest Hurts, in 2001, and a live album, Jann Arden Live with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (2002). In 2005, she released her eighth album (her sixth album of new material) titled simply Jann Arden.

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What Jann Arden music I have in my cassette collection:

Living Under June

1 Could I Be Your Girl
1 Demolition Love
1 Looking For It (Finding heaven)
1 Insensitive
1 Gasoline
2 Wonder Drug
2 Living under June
2 Unloved
2 Good Mother
2 It Looks Like Rain

Blood Red Cherry

1 Waiting In Canada
1 Cherry Popsicle
1 Sleepless
1 Never Give Up On Me
1 Mend
1 I Only Wanted Sex
1 Taste Of This
2 Into The Sun
2 In Your Keeping
2 Best Dress
2 Another Human Being
2 Sorry For Myself
2 Janeen
2 Piece Of It All


1 The Sound Of
1 Leave Me Now
1 I Know You
1 Holy Moses
1 Wishing That
2 Saved
2 Ode To A Friend
2 Shooting Horses
2 Weeds
2 Hanging By A Thread

Time For Mercy

1 I Would Die For You
1 Waiting For Someone
1 Will You Remember Me
1 We Do Some Strange Things
1 I’m Not Your Lover
1 Give Me Back My Heart
2 The Way Things Are Going
2 Kitchen Window
2 I Just Don’t Love You Anymore
2 Time For Mercy
2 Over You

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