Aglukark, Susan

Susan Aglukark
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While working with the Inuit Tapirisat, she began to perform as a singer, and quickly became a popular performer in Inuit communities. She soon attracted the attention of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who included her in a compilation of Arctic performers. In 1992, she released an independent album, Arctic Rose. The following year, she signed to a major record label, releasing an album of Christmas music that year. This Child, released in 1995, became her breakthrough album. The first single from that album, “O Siem”, went to number one on the Canadian adult contemporary and country charts that year, making Aglukark the first Inuk performer to have a Top 40 hit. “Hina Na Ho (Celebration)” and “Breakin’ Down” became hit singles as well. The album was eventually certified triple platinum (300,000 copies sold) in Canada.


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For MP3s for this artist’s music consider looking here:
Susan Aglukark MPs on Amazon

What Susan Aglukark music I have in my collection.

This Child

1 This Child
1 Shamaya
1 Suffer In Silence
1 O Siem
1 Dreams For You
2 Hina Na Ho (Celebration)
2 Pond Inlet
2 Slippin’ Through The Cracks
2 Breakin’ Down
2 Casualties Of War

Arctic Rose

1 Arctic Rose
1 Song Of The Land
1 Still Running
1 Wanderin’ Child
1 Learn To Love Yourself
2 Searching
2 Anger And Tears
2 Rollin’ On
2 Mama’s Prayers
2 Amazing Grace

Dreams For You

1 Let’s Help Him
1 Believe In Me
1 I Thank You Lord
1 He Loves You
2 His Own
2 Anaanga
2 Dreams For You
2 Old Stories

Unsung Heroes

1 One Turn Deserves Another
1 Back To Where We Started
1 Never Be The Same
1 Stand-Up
1 Bridge Of Dreams
1 Turn Of The Century
2 E186
2 Believe Again
2 Gathering Place
2 Ghost Of Cain
2 Beringia
2 Find Something To Believe In

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