Adventures, The

The Adventures
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: Wiki – The Adventures
The Adventures are a pop group formed in Belfast in the 1980s. The band later moved to London where they signed to Chrysalis Records and released their first single in 1984. Following their debut album release a year later the group moved to Elektra Records and scored their biggest hit, “Broken Land”. The song was written by guitarist Pat Gribben and reached number 20 in the UK Chart, and was also the most played song on BBC Radio 1 in 1988. The band were actively recording and touring from 1984 up until 1993, and despite the backing of Simon Fuller (who would go on to create the Spice Girls), The Adventures never quite achieved a significant commercial breakthrough.

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What I have of the Adventures in my cassette collection:

Sea Of Love

1 Drowning In The Sea Of Love
1 Broken Land
1 You Don’t Have To Cry Anymore
1 The Trip To Bountiful (When The Rain Comes Down)
2 Heaven Knows Which Way
2 Hold Me Now
2 The Sound Of Summer
2 When Your Heart Was Young
2 One Step From Heaven

Trading Secrets With The Moon

1 Your Greatest Shade Of Blue
1 Scarlet
1 Washington Deceased
1 Don’t Blame It On the Moon
1 Bright New Morning
2 Loves Lost Town
2 Desert Rose
2 Hey Magdalene
2 Sweet Burning Love
2 Never Gonna Change
2 Put Me Together Again

The Adventures

1 Send My Heart
1 Always
1 Another Silent Day
1 Love In Chains
1 When The World Turns Upside Down
2 Feel The Raindrops
2 Two Rivers
2 Don’t Tell Me
2 Nowhere Near Me
2 Lost In Hollywood

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