Act, The Balancing

The Balancing Act
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What “The Balancing Act” music I have in my collection.

Three Squares and a Roof

1 3 Cards
1 This Is Where It All Begins
1 Kicking Clouds Across The Sky
1 Whiskered Wife
1 Adventure
2 The Ballad Of Art Snyder
2 Red Umbrella
2 The Governor of Pedro
2 Waiting For The Mail
2 Searching For This Thing
2 We Are Not Lost


1 Generator
1 She Doesn’t Work Here
1 Lost In The Mail
1 Red Pants and Romance
1 Dangerous Roof
2 Can You Get to That
2 Understanding Furniture
2 Sleep On The Trusty Floor
2 Fishing In Your Eye
2 Between Two Oceans
2 Learning How To Cheat

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