Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

So this is not the first time MegaPixelTravel adventures have visited the Giant’s Causeway, Ron visited the site in 2007 which you can read about here. Suffice it to say, Northern Ireland tourism has exploded since then and the site is far busier these days.

I took the Red Trail which is a bit of a hike but the views are worth it!

The site is now busy as ever and tourists are fortunately still able to explore the site, although there are more attendants around the site they seem to take a back stage approach to managing the site. Although they are best to ask about how close to the water’s edge is advisable.

As far as one can go!
Wandering around on the wetter rocks…
Das Boot!
Tourists Wandering over the top of the Giant’s Causeway
Rock Outcrop along the Path to Giant’s Causeway

Can you Spot Humphrey the Camel?

Guess its time to see about grabbing a tea… oh look another castle!

Dunluce Castle which you can only see from the highway (the bus did not stop) as you are leaving.

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