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I have been out of town quite a bit since making a number of changes to my 90 gallon saltwater reef over the Christmas period.  While I have been out of town, various family members and friends have taken turns feeding the fish and looking after the tank.  Happily, I can report that the reef is doing well and even the anemone has split into two.

RON_3624-Hammer-Coral RON_3623-Toadstool-Coral



I am super happy to see that the Yellow Tang continues to regain its health. When I obtained this Tang, it was suffering from lateral line disease and had a broken bone in its dorsal fin. It was wonderful to be able to watch the cleaner shrimp and blood red shrimps work on the bone until they were able to take it our of the Tang’s fin. Certainly happy that I was able to retrieve it from a likely shortened life. It’s fins will likely never get back to looking normal but it still is quite capable of holding its own in getting to the dinner table each time that I add a bit of food.

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