Big Rideau Lake, Rideau River System, Ontario

Big Rideau Lake, Rideau River System, Ontario


For a Saturday outing, our travels took us to a summer vacation home which friends own on Big Rideau Lake and then, from there, we headed down to Gananoque where we enjoyed a performance of the fun musical “SUDS” currently playing at the 1000 Islands Theatre before returning to the lake for a tasty BBQ with friends.


Since the home/cottage is currently on the market (real estate market), it will likely soon become someone else’s spot at which to enjoy this summer’s breezes.


image Their real estate agent is:RON_3632-Agent-sign

The musical “SUDS” incorporates 47 popular songs from the hit parades of the 50’s and 60’s into one very interesting Laundromat set. I knew about half of the songs from their titles and then remembered a few more when I heard the music. The cast of four did a wonderful job of singing the variety of tunes while moving around the Laundromat with great cat-like agility. The playhouse can be reached via their website at: Thousand Islands Playhouse. Here’s the list of songs that the talented cast combined into their song and dance routines (hum a few quietly) :-):

RON_3639-Act-1-songs RON_3641-Act-2-songs


After the playhouse, it was back to the waterside to watch the sunset and to enjoy the BBQ.


Tomorrow is Father’s Day and rain is forecast. Grrr.

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