Ottawa, Ontario to Las Vegas, Nevada

April 5th, 2013

As noted in an earlier post, Graeme and I were heading for Las Vegas with our trip coinciding with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference. For both of us, the decision on which airline to choose was a combination of cost and convenience and finding a flight schedule that would leave later in the day and arrive in Las Vegas as early as possible. On my previous flight to Las Vegas, I had chosen WestJet so that I could meet up with a travel partner living in Toronto.  On this current occasion, our choice came down to a few flight options where we would be changing planes in either Washington, Toronto, Calgary or Detroit.  In the end, we decided on a flight combination offered by Delta Airlines with a changeover in Detroit, MI. The day of our flight, the weather was excellent with blue skies and good ground visibility from Ottawa to Detroit.

DSC_8960-Ottawa-airport  DSC_8963-Ottawa-airport

DSC_8962-Ottawa-airport  DSC_8966-Ottawa-airport

As our plane rose quickly into the blue skies above, the path that it took provided excellent views of the western edge of Ottawa (Kanata) and Graeme got a good arieal view of where he lives.

DSC_8967-Ottawa DSC_8968-Ottawa DSC_8969-Kanata

As we traveled southwest towards Toronto, snow became less and less and soon only the ice covered lakes and small ponds showed white against the backdrop of surrounding brown.

DSC_8972-Ontario DSC_8974-Ontario-fields

Flying or driving into Detroit, Michigan can be a bit confusing since the location of Detroit, Michigan is north of the location of Windsor, Ontario.  As we were approaching the airport, the skies were still clear and some noteworthy landmarks such as Grosse Isle in the Detroit River and the Grosse Isle Regional Airport were clearly visible as were the twin stacks of the Enrico Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant and a number of quarries such as the Rockland Quarry.

DSC_8987-Grosse-Isle-Detroi DSC_8990-Grosse-Isle-Munici DSC_8992-Rockwood-Quarry DSC_8993-Erico-Farmi-2-PP

Once we landed at Concourse C of Detroit’s McNamara Airport we had a good distance to walk to get from our arrival gate to the tunnel that would allow us to reach the main terminal building.  I was very thankful that the Detroit airport had plenty of moving walkways to increase the speed and reduce the effort needed to get from one place to another. I always enjoy the light display present in the tunnel linking Concourse C to the main terminal.


DSC_8994-Detroit-Airport DSC_9000-Graeme-Detroit-tunDSC_9002-Detroit-airport-tu

Once we were out of the tunnel and into the main terminal, the overhead tram was one of the options available to get us to our distant departure gate.  We had plenty of time to explore the terminal and its many restaurants and shops on this occasion.


DSC_9016-Delta-sign  DSC_9017-Waiting-area


The Detroit to Las Vegas leg of our flight was after dark so no chance for more photos of the Nevada landscape.

Technical: Equipment used – Nikon D300 with Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 – all hand held and available light – PP primarily contrast adjustments to enhance photos taken through airplane window.

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