Ottawa Grassroots Festival – 2013

Ottawa Grassroots Festival – 2013


This weekend the Rideau Curling Club of Ottawa is home to the Ottawa Grassroots Festival (location), a two-day event featuring wonderful music, workshops and a kidzone with plenty of things to keep the kids interested (Festival Website). I was there because of my involvement with the Ottawa Folklore Center sponsored acapella community choir, Folka Voca, which was performing at 4:30PM.

RON_0623-Maple-Hill-Bluegra RON_0627-Maple-Hill-Bluegra

Happily I arrived a bit early and was able to catch the first part of the workshop presentation of Garry Greenland & the Maple Hill Bluegrass Band (their website). The workshop was on how to get a band to play together better and the part of the workshop that I was able to attend was well worth the time spent. Very interesting and very informative. Even better (:-)) it was FREE as were all of the afternoon presentations of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. See the Schedule of events as listed on their website: Program 2013

Our Folka Voca performance was in the upstairs section of the curling club adjacent to an area where children had donned safety goggles and were receiving instruction in soldering technique.

RON_0664-Ottawa-Grassroots-F RON_0645-Soldering

I didn’t don safety goggles but instead turned my attention to listening to and photographing the Folka Voca choir as they sang a variety of material spanning a number of musical eras.


The Folka Voca choir meets weekly throughout the year.  For more information about the choir visit their website here.

The sponsors for this year’s festival:

Perhaps next year I’ll join the performers instead of the photographers since I was certainly not the only one in the audience wielding a big camera. In fact, in this new digital era, there were plenty of varieties of phones and pads pointed in the choir’s direction :-).


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