Visiting the Chickadees on Old Quarry Trail, Kanata, Ontario

Visiting the Chickadees on Old Quarry Trail, Kanata, Ontario

It’s been over a month since my father passed away and even longer since I have been out to visit the Chickadees and White-Tailed Deer that inhabit Ottawa’s Greenbelt.  Therefore, with temperatures still above freezing, no snow on the ground and a Ziplock bag of sunflower seeds in my pocket, my wife and I headed off into the woods to walk along the Old Quarry Trail.

It wasn’t long before the Chickadees let us know that they were still alive and well and in the area.  They were soon flying in, one after another, to pick a seed or two from an outstretched hand. A red-breasted nuthatch flew in close on numerous occasions but, for some reason, stopped short of landing on the outstretched hand to take a seed.

Chickadees and a White-breasted Nuthatch were busy cleaning up fallen seeds at George’s spot and it seemed that Red Squirrels were everywhere.  No Wild Turkeys showed up this time around. We didn’t see any White-tailed Deer at first but further along the trail we did find a couple of does and from time to time we would see a flash of white as one would move swiftly away form us through the woods.

Others whom we met along the trail had spotted a couple of bucks but we saw none of those on this trip.  Probably just waiting for us to return – next time.

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