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Hallowe’en is barely out of the way and now people are beginning to think about how they are going to decorate the outside of the house for the next season of festive lighting. My favorite spot to visit, if I am in Toronto in December, is 165 Benjamin Boake Trail where the DeSario family start in October each year to cover every imaginable part of their house and front yard with twinkling bulbs and animated themes. Click on the images below to go to various Christmas light blog entries (lots of images of lights).

Toronto Christmas Lights

For those who like a somewhat more traditional type of seasonal lighting display, the “Alight at Night” display at Upper Canada Village provides plenty of opportunity for a bit of exercise, a bit of warm apple cider and plenty of lights to look at as well as carol singing and gingerbread competitions.

In addition to the above, many of our other blog entries include plenty of images of Christmas light displays so if you looking for even more ideas take some time and meander through a few more of the blog entries that are from our archives of years gone by.

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