South March Highlands Conservation Forest – Brady Trailhead

South March Highlands Conservation Forest – Brady Trailhead

Graeme just moved into his new house at the start of the month and was determined to host Thanksgiving dinner this year.  I knew that they wouldn’t need my help in the process, so my brother and I took the opportunity to go for a walk along the nearby complex of trails in the South March Highlands Conservation Forest. (Location)

The members of the Ottawa Mountain Bikers Association have done a nice job of marking the trails and making improvements to them so that they can benefit both bikes and walkers alike.  The association website describes the area as follows: “Fun, fast technical trails in Kanata. The South March Conservation area has been home to mountain bikers in Kanata for over 20 years. The OMBA was formed to ensure continued access to mountain bikers to this area and we have succeeded. The area has become very popular especially on weekends. If you ride here please be courteous to the hikers, walkers, bird watchers, Cub Scouts, trail runners and many other people who we share the trail with.”

Our interest, of course, was the bit of exercise needed before tackling a turkey dinner but the many colours of the autumn leaves were certainly a pleasant sight to see.

The trail themselves skirt the edge of some of the wetlands embedded deep int he forest and then head up into the hillier areas.  We didn’t have a map of the trails and didn’t really want to miss the turkey so we did a straightforward circular route back to the trailhead.  There were plenty of signposts so it wouldn’t have been too hard to find our way back if we had wandered off-line a bit.

My brother’s ferocious cockapoo was happy to meet and greet everyone that he encountered along the trail (about a couple of dozen walkers and a half dozen or so bikes) but met his match when a young boy wanted to chase him around the trails :-). We were heading one way and the other family were heading the other way.  Separation anxiety personified :-).

We followed the signs and found our way back to Graeme’s place without incident and had a great Thanksgiving dinner!


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