H. Lee White Marine Museum, Oswego, NY

H. Lee White Marine Museum, Oswego, NY

This morning, when I packed my tent and left the campground at Selkirk Shores State Park and headed to Oswego, it was my intent to look at a fort. Turns out that the Fort Ontario that I was looking for was on the East side of the Oswego River and I was now on the west side of the river. That’s when I found the footsteps, the decorated fence and the numerous signs directing me to the H. Lee White Marine Museum. They didn’t know my interest in photographing different colors and styles of fire hydrants either but they even had one of those by the gate to try and lure me in.  All these things worked!

Such an interesting color for a Fire Hydrant. Probably meant to be coral but, as it fades, it is getting closer to pink. Maybe I should introduce it to the lavender one that guards the pathway to the Shania Twain Centre in Timmins, Ontario :-).

The H.Lee White Museum is located at the end of the West 1st Street Pier in Oswego, NY. (location)

For information about their hours and admission charges, please visit the H. Lee White Marine Museum website.

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