Reddit Night at Funhaven

Reddit Night at Funhaven

Who wants a night of impromptu fun? Well, last night was it at Funhaven where I and a group of friends partied to the wee hours… iPhone pics galore!

Got a message that there was a Reddit Night at Funhaven from my friend Myke who was hosting a LAN Party for the night. His LAN party was in addition to the other special events they had running and the all of the normal games the place had.

ServerNorth Lan Party – Hosted by Funhaven

This speial event was an all-nighter that ran from 8pm to 9am. The night started off with us getting these armbands at the door. There was a $10 cover charge which apparently gave use unlimited laser tag for the night with the proceeds going to a local charity.

I have never been to Fun Haven before even though it’s 3 minute drive from where I live and I know somebody who works there. The business is quite new and I just had assumed that it was just for parents and their kids. Well I was wrong. We spent the night playing Bumper Cars, Games, Laser Tag (mainly in that order): rise and repeat a few times.

Trying to Take an iPhone picture and drive a Bumper car at the same time as being hit from the side = Art… right?

The main Reddit draw for the night was the Blanket Fort which they had set-up in a giant back room and some gaming on the back wall using projectors.

We also played a lot of Laser Tag. You are required to hold the gun with both hands and it was pretty dark in there, so no pictures, but it was heaps of fun and I played 7 games coming in 7, 4, 2, 2, 18, 3, 4 place. My friend Quinn, however, came in first every time that he played.
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