An Evening of Live Theatre at Perth, Ontario

An Evening of Live Theatre at Perth , Ontario (Location)

Perth is an active community in Lanark County and a place that I visit from time to time to photograph snakes and other wildlife at the Perth Wildlife Preserve. In fact, one of our most active blogs is the blog showing the Northern Water Snakes and Garter Snakes at the Perth Wildlife Centre early in the Spring when they are sunning themselves on the banks of the Tay River after coming out of hibernation. Each Spring, Perth, Ontario is also an important water station and staging point in the annual Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour (OBC RLCT 2009 blog entry and OBC RLCT 2011 blog entry).

One of the monuments on the banks of the Tay River celebrates the important role of the Dairy farmers and cheese makers in the area, specifically the making, in 1892, of the world’s largest cheese weighing 22,000 lbs.

On this occasion, we were visiting Perth, not to see the snakes, but rather to see Norm Foster’s play “Opening Night” as directed by David Parry at Studio Theatre Perth. Many years ago, David had asked me to audition for the part of a stammering Irish lad in a play that he was directing at Tara Players in Ottawa so I was happy to see David in action again both as a director and also in his role on stage in this Norm Foster play about a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary at a live theatre performance.

Before watching this Norm foster comedy, though, we needed to stop for a bit of nourishment and enjoyed the fare offered by the kind folks at the Maxmillian Dining Lounge.

The play was a fun one but you really have to feel for the poor husband missing out on his favourite sport broadcast :-). (The Olympics were on this night in 2012!)

Perth, as a community, has plenty of other things to see besides monuments to cheese-making, snakes and community theatre but this time around the theatre deserved to get the spotlight. An evening out at a live community theatre production was a fun way to spend a beautiful evening. My only complaint – I didn’t win the 50/50 draw being held to raise funds for the installation of an elevator.




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