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Back from a quick trip to Gananoque where we saw a musical, before heading off to Poughkeepsie, NY where we parked the car and got on a train to New York City where we toured the United Nations facility and saw and photographed more of New York, and then, on the way home, stopped to take a photo or two along the way. As usual I photographed some more interesting fire hydrants :-).

Only one day to process and upload photos from that trip before heading off to Timmins and Wawa area of Ontario for our annual Breeding Bird Survey.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, I’ll be able to upload a few photos in the next 36 hours and get some sleep too.

Update June 9th – Managed to add the photos to the Gananoque entry before heading North into mosquito country.  Will work on the New York trip entries when I return, assuming that the mosquitoes don’t keep me!

Update June 15th – Back from participating in another Breeding Bird Survey in the Wawa/White River area of Ontario. The bugs weren’t too bad this year and the mosquitoes were tolerable. Took lots of pictures. Will get back to working on the retroactive New York blog entries from early June and then will work on the BBS images.

Update June 24th – All entries have now been added relating to the New York trip:
Rain, Rain, Rain – Heading South to New York City
New Paltz, NY
The Huguenots – New Paltz, NY
Poughkeepsie, NY to New York City by train
Grand Central Station, New York City, NY
A Times Square Walkabout
A Visit to the United Nations
Heading over to Staten Island
The Morning Commute – Staten Island to Manhattan
Central Park, New York City
Staten Island Ferry – Afternoon commute
Heading Home – Initial Stage – Staten Island to Poughkeepsie
Visiting the CIA
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site
Camping in the Catskill Mountains
Catskills to home – the last leg of our New York trip

That’s all folks. End of the New York trip uploads and blog entries. Next task, images and entries wrt the Breeding Bird Survey trip.



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