A Times Square Walkabout – New York, NY

A Times Square Walkabout – New York, NY

June 4, 2012 – I find the sheer size of the Times Square billboards to be rather overwhelming but it is fun to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.  After we left the Grand Central Station and walked outside, we found the weather to be much like it had been the day before. A bit of rain, and then a little clearing and then a little more rain.  Never a really soaking rain.  Just one of those days when you know that an umbrella might be needed but isn’t absolutely necessary if you’re  a guy. We don’t care as much if our hair gets a bit wet!


There are lots of places to eat lunch in and around Times Square but since it was drizzling so much, we opted to eat in the second story restaurant of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.  We had eaten there before and thoroughly enjoyed the food, but this time around I didn’t find my meal as appetizing but, sitting next to the window, I was able to do some elevated sightseeing.  Never a dull moment in the Times Square area. The changing billboards offer their own form of distraction and today I enjoyed watching the tourists in the double-decker buses as they passed our spot. Definitely not a good day for the tour guides.

The yellow taxi cabs are a famous sight in New York City and Times Square always seems to have more than its fair share of them.

A truck passing behind a yellow cab provided an interesting juxtapositioning of messages.

At street level a fellow decided to strip off his shirt and dance bare chested in the rain right in front of the US Army recruitment centre.  I’m not certain if any words were spoken between the bare-chested fellow and the uniformed army standing by the door of the recruitment office but eventually a local policeman did come by to get him to put his shirt on and leave the area.

It wasn’t long before we were out walking in the streets again and looking at all the interesting things that you can never stop for when being whisked around town in a tour bus.

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