Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania (Location)

We were staying in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania after visiting the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. For our evening meal, we decided to try out the offerings of the Dumpling House. The food was tasty and servings were definitely sufficiently large enough for us to have extra for the later midnight snack.

We learned later that the Wellsboro Diner was also considered to be a good local place to eat and had been at its current location since its beginning.

Of course, I just had to stop for a picture of a Wellsboro Fire Hydrant before stopping for supper. Someday someone might ask what colour a Wellsboro fire hydrant is and I will know the answer 🙂

The next morning I was up and out at the Marsh Creek bird watching area referred to as The Muck. According to the sign above the door of the AAA office, the temperature was already at 80F so we were preparing ourselves for a warm day. We had decided to drive along Pine Creek today but before leaving Wellsboro, I took a stroll around town to photograph a few of the buildings, statues and other sights.

The Court House is a substantial building located across from a park.

The park was a nice shady location with a central statue inspired by the Dutch lullaby Wynken Blynken and Nod. It was also interesting to see a telephone booth situated on one corner, a bit tougher to find any of those anywhere these days now that cell phones and smart phones are becoming more and more common.


After the Court House, it appeared to me that the largest building in town was the Penn Wells Hotel. As is normal in most towns, prominent corner locations are occupied by banks and in Wellsboro, one of the important corner locations was occupied by the Citizens and North Bank.

Tioga County’s Finest Theatre was featuring the Avengers

I enjoyed the fact that the Wellsboro benches are contoured to the shape of the human body :-).

It was approaching lunchtime when I finished my stroll through town and we decided that bagels from The Native Bagel would be a good idea so we purchased a couple of their bagels and then off we went on another adventure.




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