Ottawa Race Weekend – Marathon – Sunday May 27th, 2012

Ottawa Race Weekend – Marathon – Sunday May 27th, 2012

It looked like a nice day for a marathon.  Temperature not too hot, light breeze and some cloud cover.  I had decided that I would photograph the participants near to the end of the race so parked near the 35 km mark and began walking against the direction that the runners would be coming. Did a similar thing for the images that I posted of the Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour at the end of the 2011 RLCT event (see 2011 RLCT photos here).


To fill in the time until the first runners arrived, I photographed a few things along my walking route.



I had only walked about a km when the motorcycle arrived to announce that the frontrunners were not far behind. I’m not sure how these runners placed at the finish line since they still had about 8km left to run when they passed my point in the route.

After the first two competitors had passed by with the entourage of support vehicles, there was a short gap before the arrival of the next two runners. I continued to walk along the street against the flow so that the time I needed to wait between shots was lessened.





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4 Responses to Ottawa Race Weekend – Marathon – Sunday May 27th, 2012

  1. Rob Kealey says:

    No pics of the band?
    Thought you might have at least one.
    Great pics.
    – Rob (Hank’s Hangover)

    • Ron says:

      Checked after sending you the e-mail. Hangovers made it to page 6 :-). I think that a parting shot before I was heading back to the car will be on page 8 or 9 once those pages become publicly visible. Still editing and adding. Enjoyed your music.


  2. Ian Hunter says:

    Thank you for taking these great pictures of the Ottawa Marathon. You did a good job capturing the effort being made by the runners.

    I take my camera along when I do these races, but I am trying to limit most of my picture-taking to “before” and “after” the race, since stopping during a long run can really break your rhythm. The pictures, most with captions, of running in Ottawa and from various races are on my Flickr website.

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