Marlborough Forest , Ottawa – O’Neil Road Access Point

Marlborough Forest , Ottawa – O’Neil Road Access Point

After  our visit to the Cedar Grove Trail, we decided to head north along Dwyer Hill Road and check out the O’Neil Road Access Point.  The land in this area of the Marlborough Forest is a bit higher and drier. The trail, in this instance, is a forestry road that can be accessed by motorized vehicles during the Fall and Winter months but is now closed for the summer.

We walked along the roadway for a km or so before returning to our car. Once bird migration is further advanced, I expect that walking along this roadway would yield quite a few interesting sightings. Today, things were rather quiet, but we did jump a bit when a Ruffed Grouse flushed  near the path, and a nice adult Red-Tailed Hawk lifted out of the far side of a small field. There were also a number of Juncos and Robins in the open area around a large BBQ, the sight of many a party, I assume.

As with any such roadway at this time of the year, whether it is passable or not is highly dependent on how firm the ground is under the puddle and how deep the puddle is.

On our way back to the car, a still white rabbit darted back into the bush and was amazingly quick to disappear from sight despite its nice white coat. Soon we were on our way again, and heading home.

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  1. Neeroc says:

    Every time I head down that road I think about checking out the forest and trails. I’m inspired to plan a trip now.

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