Barcelo Premium Marina Palace and Cayo Libertad – Checking out the resort

Barcelo Premium Marina Palace and Cayo Libertad – Checking out the resort

One of the benefits of the direct flight from Ottawa was our arrival time. After checking in and taking a look at our room, we still had most of the afternoon to look around the resort in daylight hours.

We soon learned that eating on the restaurant patio meant that we would be entertained by the Boat-tail Grackles, the House Sparrows and the occasional Palm Warbler who cleaned up any fallen crumbs.

We also learned that the “v” in Spanish such as in the word “Cerveza” is pronounced more like a “b” in “beer”. There were a few other Spanish words of importance but I loved the approach to beach rules, “We are not responsible in case the client do not follow the rules”.

The beach in front of the resort complex was quite extensive and the sand was fine-grained and soft to walk on.  Of course, I tried to walk on the beach with my sandals on and struggled after that to get all of those fine grains of sand out of the velcro parts of my sandal straps!

There were plenty of flowering plants to keep me busy and it wasn’t long before I learned that birds that would let me approach up close without a camera became quite skittish when I came close with my 300mm lens. The many reptiles scurrying about were a bit more tolerant and made me sort of wish that I had brought along my macro lens but the Nikkor 300mm lens made for a reasonable substitute.


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