Winterlude 2012 – Canada’s National Capital Region – Confederation Park in the Daylight

– February 4th – Winterlude 2012 – Canada’s National Capital Region – Confederation Park in the Daylight

The previous night I enjoyed watching the fireworks and then heading over to Confederation Park (location) to see the carvers in action.

Lots of things happening for Winterlude in the daylight hours as well, so Graeme and I took a bit of time to visit Confederation Park once again on the Saturday. I took still shots, he took videos. Some of the video footage will be posted later.

Definitely a popular location on the first weekend of the event! Lots of people! Lots of things to see!  Lineups to see everything were pretty short but a bit tougher to find a spot to place the tripod to wait for that perfect shot :-).

The food vendors were ready to help out as best they could and the sky above was a perfect blue. Even if I hadn’t brought along my camera, it would have still been a near perfect day :-).

In the daylight, the ice sculptures don’t have the benefit of the colour spotlights but they sparkle in the sunshine instead.

The garish wolves were still there but looked quite different in the daylight.

Some of the displays that I had missed the night before included the “Lost Mitten Mountain” designed by Karina Bergmans of Ottawa and a short distance behind it, a different sort of ice and textile art project titled “Pharos” and designed by Nicole Dextras of Alexandria, Ontario. Both of these displays were part of the BlizzArt portion of Winterlude as were the wolves, a hockey equipment display and six other unique ideas.
“Lost Mitten Mountain”

“Pharos” – two of six fabric and ice creations – very interesting to see the sparkle and texture of the ice enveloping and enhancing the fine lines of the fabrics.

The ice carvers working on the large displays were still working feverishly in the tented areas of Confederation Park and making great progress from the night before. The individual sculptures were beginning to take on more and more detail and were no longer just a disorganized collection of square blocks of ice.

We didn’t stay for a long time but it was definitely interesting to see things in the light of day. The piece of wall art took on a whole new look as shadows crossed and the totem was more easily visible. I even found another fire hydrant to photograph :-).

Overall a great day for celebration, reflecting and reflections!

Visit the Official Winterlude Website to learn more about this winter festival in Canada’s Capital Region.

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