Creative Moment – Dynamic Range of the iPhone 4s

This week’s video is a quick compilation of videos I took in the first month of getting the iPhone 4s which demonstrates the dynamic range of the camera (dark scenes with bright lights).

In general I found the iPhone’s video function to work very well when using the front camera (as was in all the scenes in the video shown above) and the back camera was a no-never-mind (it does do movies, but at such a reduced quality and resolution its not something I would recommend anyone use except for FaceTime and Facebook Profile pictures).

Almost always the phone did a good job of limiting highlights by auto-exposing to the lighter sections of the movie, which for scenes with only a few point lights left the majority quite dark. When the camera did expose to a bright scene with brighter lights I noticed that the camera suffered greatly from vertical flaring (white lines instead of white points) which was an interesting result which could be artistically used in a few cases (most the time its a pain).

Overall its still a video/photo in your phone, but its likely good enough for casual users who don’t want to spend another $200-400 on a basic P&S camera.

And here is a preview of things to come.

See you Next Week!


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