White Christmas or no white Christmas?

White Christmas or no white Christmas, that is the question posed in the Ottawa Citizen this week.

Climatologists are divided on the question. They probably know that if they predict snow, the sun will shine brightly. They also know that if they predict no snow, the heavens will open and snow drifts will be a certainty. Best to wait patiently. No value in making an incorrect prediction now, is there? Ski operators want snow; retailers want snow; snow plow operators with fixed yearly contracts want NO snow; the postmen and parcel deliverers want NO snow; and the snowbirds are probably ambivalent. What about travel agencies promoting those trips to warmer climates? They certainly want snow to encourage their clients to book winter vacations down South but, on the other hand, they know how snow can snarl traffic and leave clients stranded in airports but, given a choice, I think that travel agencies would prefer to have the snow early and often, and deal with traffic snarls if and when …

As I look out my window again today, the sky is overcast and the wind is blowing but only a little bit of snow is in the forecast. Surprisingly, for a December 15th date, we have no snow on the ground! We haven’t needed snow blowers yet this year. What a difference from four years ago when we had one of the heaviest snowfall Decembers on record!

December 13, 2007

December 17, 2007

How am I doing my part to get snow to arrive for Christmas?

Well, today I decided to sell a couple of snow scoops (SOLD). That should do the trick!

Tempt fate. Make your predictions if you dare :-).

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