Polar bear dipping (a.k.a. all sorts of names) – New Year’s Day 2012

Polar bear dipping (a.k.a. all sorts of names)

Unlike sheep dipping which has something to do with sheep, polar bear dipping has almost nothing to do with polar bears. Each year, in the Northern Hemisphere, a certain number of individuals herald in the New Year by taking a New Year’s Day plunge into a nearby lake, stream, or ocean. In the case of our local polar bear crowd in Ottawa, Ontario, the method of entering the water in 2011, was a big leap thorough a hole in the ice. What it will be like for 2012 is anyone’s guess, as the weather has been mild and the ice formation has been somewhat delayed.

January 2, 2012 – Update: To see our blog entries for the 2012 event, see here.

Click on the image below to see some our memories from last year’s event at Britannia Beach in Ottawa, Ontario. (Location)

The events are sometimes very local in nature while others are in support of a national fund-raising initiative such as is the case with the Sears Great Canadian Chill which is raising funds in support of treatment of pediatric cancer. Those who are brave enough to give it a try seem to enjoy the plunge into icy cold water. My cameras don’t want to get wet so I don’t force the issue. :-).

It is New Year’s Eve and less than 18 hours from now we hope to be able to be at Ottawa’s event. (Start time of activities is 11 AM with the plunge starting at about noon)

For those who might be wondering, the snow covered bear statue is one of many statues and architectural facades in the gardens behind the Guild Inn in Scarborough, Ontario. (Location)

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