More Chickadee Feeding on the Sarsaparilla Trail

More Chickadee Feeding on the Sarsaparilla Trail

The amount of snow that we received on Christmas Day was not spectacular but definitely enough to turn everything white!

My brother and I took a short walk on the Sarsaparilla Trail.  My brother photographed a few Chickadees feeding out of my hand, landing on my toque and generally being pretty energetic in taking seeds from my outstretched hand.  One Red-Breasted Nuthatch came in for a seed from time to time. As we heading back to the parking lot, a couple of young girls and their parents were also feeding the Chickadees so, of course, I stopped and photographed the action.  Outfits that young children wear once the weather turns cold are very interesting  to see and photograph.


Not long after, we were heading back to the left-over turkey and a venison roast.   Still plenty of leftovers LOL.


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