Wild Turkeys on the Old Quarry Trail

Wild Turkeys on the Old Quarry Trail

I have seen plenty of wild turkeys in the area especially a flock that tends to favour the nearby apple orchard at Carling Avenue but I had never seen turkeys on the Old Quarry Trail itself. This year, a number of people had mentioned to me that they had encountered wild turkeys wandering the trail picking up a seed or two or kernel of corn and then heading off back into the woods. Some folks had even counted up to eighteen at one time! I hadn’t counted one!

This time out, although I was walking along the trails expecting to see the normal asortment of birds and animals, I was hoping to see some of those turkeys and I wasn’t disappointed. I was standing at the feed trough clearing talking to some folks about turkeys and watching a dozen deer come and go when I glanced up the trail and there they were, the first of a flock of a dozen or so turkeys marching along toward us.

It was a good day and once I had handed seeds out to a number of people so they could stand around with their hands out :-), I headed out into the open area to see what else I might find.

The sun was getting low in the sky and once again I had had a relaxing couple of hours wandering around Ottawa’s Greenbelt trails.

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