Just two days left – Carleton University Butterfly Exhibit.

I was in the area of Carleton University Saturday at noon so dropped by the greenhouses to see how things were going. The weather was great. Kids were enjoying playing in the open, grassy area beside the path and Jim des Rivieres was greeting visitors arriving at the back of the line.

Jim loves moths, so if you happen to see him at the butterfly show remember to ask him about moths. All of your questions will be answered, I hope. 🙂 Jim also answers questions about butterflies but it’s the moths that he loves!

Once inside the building, a number of folks with “Ask Me!” buttons will happily try to answer any questions.

This year’s exhibit ends on October 10th, 2011. Doors open at 9AM but it’s not unusual for people to start arriving by 8:30AM to be the first in line when the doors open. For more information see here. For photos of the butterflies (and flowers) in the greenhouse this week see my previous posts:
My images from Day One of this year’s show.
My images from a short visit on Day Two of the show.

Images from my October 7th, 2011 visit to the Butterfly Show.

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