Fall at Luskville Falls, Gatineau Hills, Quebec

Ron doing his photography thing (photo by Graeme).

Fall at Luskville Falls, Gatineau Hills, Quebec

After completing my retroactive blog relating to my September visit to Mer Bleue Bog, I picked up Graeme and off we went to Luskville Falls on the other side of the Ottawa River (Location).  The last time that I had been to Luskville Falls was April 2008 on a group outing with a local Flickr photo group. Then was Springtime, now was Fall.  The bare branches of Spring were now adorned with the colorful splashes of Fall colours.

While Graeme climbed the hill to the falls, I wandered back out to the highway past bales of hay, a couple of friendly horses, and some tufts of ripe milkweed.

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Ron has long had an interest in photography and traveling and, in recent years, has had more time to devote to both activities. Long a Pentax user, Ron switched to Nikon gear when he went digital. The advent of the digital SLR camera, and the ease of the internet blogging process, has provided a venue for sharing his photography and travel experience at the local, national and international level. More about Ron
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