Mer Bleue Bog, Ottawa, Ontario

Mer Bleue Bog, Ottawa, Ontario

It was very foggy when I left my home and headed east across the city to Mer Bleue Bog (Location). I was rather hoping that I would get there and be able to photograph some spooky scenes befitting a howling Hounds of the Baskerville type of scenario but by the time that I got to the bog, the fog had lifted and a blue sky was trying to replace the earlier overcast skies. Most of the vegetation was still green, but the Staghorn Sumac was displaying its red Fall colours quite admirably.

At the end of the Ridge Road, there is a small picnic area and access to a 1.2 km boardwalk out over the bog area. When I reached the picnic area, two young girls were busy admiring a Monarch Butterfly which was sitting on the grass drying its wings after the condensation of the morning fog dampened everything just a bit.

The first part of the boardwalk crosses through bullrushes and over a short stretch of open water and then visitors get to follow along through a stretch of peat bog replete with acid loving plants such as various species of blueberries and Labrador Tea.

Walking along the boardwalk, the visitor gets to see what it might be like to walk along the shores of Hudson Bay many, many miles (kilometers) to the north of Mer Bleue. The highly acidic bog supports many varieties of plants and insects somewhat unique to this type of environment. The white puffs of Cotton Grass (Eriophorum sp.) were looking rather damp.

A pleasant and interesting place to visit at any time of the year but especially in the Fall when the vegetation begins to display its Fall colors.

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