Astronomy Camping at Nirvana

Astronomy Camping at Nirvana

Nirvana is a nice dark sky zone known to Members of RASC where one can go for astronomy. That weekend there were over 9 of us out there, from planetary observers to DSO (deep space objects). Even one expert who spent the entire astronomical night watching meteors plummet to the earth.

I set my larger telescope up for visual observing (as there are many things in dark skies you just can see that I normally couldn’t) and used my GH2 and Noct-Nikkor lens (58mm f1.2) for taking pictures.

Above you can see the Andromeda Galaxy as it was peaking over the horizon. Below is a series of stacked images (3) of the scorpius constellation.

Now all these pictures where taken with a fixed tripod and about 10-15sec subs, so at most a minute of exposure.

I also took a quick shot of the Sun and its many sunspots.

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