Visiting Italy – the flight

We flew from Ottawa into Montreal and then transferred to Swiss Air Airbus A330-300 for the flight to Zurich. Weather conditions were fine most of the way so we had a smooth flight. We had seats on the starboard side of the aircraft so I had the pleasure of not only seeing the land below but, as the flight progressed, also got to see the moon pass by our wing tip.

Prince Edward Island





The sun was setting as we passed over Gander, Newfoundland and the sky was just beginning to get lighter as we passed over the Isle of Jersey just off the coast of France. As we approached the Zurich airport, the plane circled giving me a chance to see the sun just rising through the clouds and reflecting off of a small lake below.



From Zurich, it was a short flight into Milan, Italy. There was fog in the valleys, but the peaks of the Alps could be seen quite clearly. It was very interesting to be able to see the straighter roads along the valley floor as well as the switch-back roads climbing up the side of the mountain.




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