Pompeii, Italy to an Amalfi Coast Farm Lunch

Pompeii, Italy to an Amalfi Coast Farm Lunch

The original plan for the day included a trip by boat to Capri but inclement weather and rough waters, with worse conditions in the forecast, forced a change of plans and, instead of Capri, we had gone by bus to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy.

People still live at the base of Mt. Vesuvius and the Italian government has many sensors in place to keep track of any rumblings in the mountain. According to what I have read, it would take at least seven days to evacuate the area if Mt. Vesuvius should decide to begin rumbling again in earnest. With the large port city of Naples situated not far from the base of the volcano, I would certainly hope that the scientists and politicians are successful if those evacuation plans need to be implemented.

It wasn’t long before Naples was out of sight and we were beginning to enjoy the travel along the Amalfi coast with its twisting roads and villas and villages built into small coves or terraced up mountain edges.

Our lunch was scheduled to be at a farm along the Amalfi Coast and after walking through ruins in the morning, I was rather happy to be surrounded by vegetation and farm animals for a bit of change of scenery.

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