Lugano, Switzerland

This morning our destination was Lugano, Switzerland (Location) which is located not far to the northwest of Como, Italy. (Location) Highway conditions were good and, to reach our destination, we passed through a number of highway tunnels.


It was about 10AM when we arrived. How might I know that? Pretty easy. In Lugana, there were large clocks everywhere.



On the edge of one of the squares, there was a drinking fountain which provided many things to many people. For one thing, the fountain provided a convenient landmark for those”Meet you at the fountain in 15 minutes” types of arrangements. While I was sitting near the fountain for a short period of time, I saw business men come along in business suits and use the fountain to get a quick drink and wash their hands; others refilled their water bottles; someone from a nearby restaurant came out with a bucket to get water for their plants and to wash down their tables; a child’s lollipop was rinsed; another child’s fallen ice cream cone was given the quick rinse treatment. And all of this in less than five minutes. One very useful drinking fountain, for certain.


Woman at fountain

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