Lake Superior/Lac Sup̩rieur РKatherine Cove/Anse Katherine

Lake Superior/Lac Sup̩rieur РKatherine Cove/Anse Katherine

Katherine Cove is one of only a few beach areas along the east edge of Lake Superior where the water can actually become reasonably warm during the summer. The cove is sheltered by Rowe Island and a chain of smaller islands called the Lizard Islands. (Location)

Rowe Island

Those who are canoeing or kayaking along the shores of Lake Superior need to plan ahead since, although there are many sandy beach areas where one can put ashore, there are also long stretches of rocky shoreline where many a boat has floundered.

Due to its depth and size, Lake Superior never really warms up and although swimming near to the surface on a warm summer day might work out fine, there is a definite thermocline effect and diving below the warm level of water at the surface is a quick way to wake up. Often, with snorkeling gear, I have spent hours swimming in the top foot of water in the deeper lakes of the Canadian Shield but was always cautious of areas where the wind might push waves along the surface and turn the top level over and mix it in with the loser waters. Being cautious is always a good idea where Lake Superior is concerned! This little dog didn’t seem to mind the water temperature at all and kept going back in for stick after stick.

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