Invitational International Chicken-Rib Cook Off – Sparks Street Mall, Ottawa, Ontario

Last night, in the House of Commons, the politicians were debating the future of Canada’s postal service – see previous post. (UPDATE: FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011 – 8AM – Debate has gone on all night and is still going on! 4:30 PM  update – the debate continues! Update 2 – Went on for 58 hours!!)

Meanwhile, out on Sparks Street Mall, participants in the Chicken-Rib Cook-Off were hoping that the threatening weather would hold off until past the scheduled closing time of 9PM. And it did!!!

The Chicken-Rib Cook-off involves teams from Canada and the United States who vie for the right to say that they won the top ranking as best in rib choice or best rib sauce or the best chicken or the best chicken sauce or all four prizes. From June 22 – 26, 2011 the aroma of chicken and ribs wafts up and down the Sparks Street Mall from approximately 11 AM to 9PM (Sunday 6PM).

The stalls and BBQ spaces are hard to miss!

As I walked past the now closed stands well after 9PM, the rains began to come down to dampen our group of Flickr photographers. The rains also dampened some of the festivities of the many graduating students who, with many white limousines standing by, were in downtown Ottawa enjoying their prom night.

Meanwhile, the debate continued in the House of Commons!!!!!!!!!!

Folow other activities on the Sparks Street Mall at their website: the webpage of the Sparks Street Mall.

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