Tulips, Tulips and More Tulips – Rideau Canal and Dow’s Lake, Ottawa, Ontario.

Thursday and the tulips are all ready just waiting for the weekend crowds.

Unfortunately, it looks like, after a week of sunshine, the weather is not going to cooperate and damp weather might be preparing to greet visitors for the weekend. The Mallards might be happy but …

I’m certain that the cyclists won’t be totally happy but …

I’m sure that the tulips won’t mind.

Many of the beds along the Rideau Canal were comprised of a lovely salmon pink coloured tulip but there were also beds of mixed colours and beds of a combination of yellows and pinks and reds. Pedestrians and cyclists and motorists alike can view them from the canal pathway or from Queen Elizabeth Driver but, with no parking available on Queen Elizabeth Drive, and with parking at a premium on the side streets I expect that few motorists really get a chance to see the Rideau Canal tulip beds up close and personal.

Tulips aren’t the only plants flowering along the canal and in the flower beds of neighboring yards but they are definitely the most flamboyant and attract the most attention with their wide variety of colours.

Blushing Apeldoorn

Holland Beauty

Monte Carlo

Tom Pouce

El Nino

For those whose beautiful old homes look out over Dow’s Lake and its wonderful collection of tulip beds, I often wonder what it is like to see a landscape of tulips surrounded by thousands of tourists, especially on weekends.

Oh well, time to leave all those beautiful colours behind and head home to my basic red tulips.


Another fire hydrant for those who follow my blog escapades. Found this fire hydrant close to the tulip beds on one of the side streets heading uphill from Dow’s Lake. Two young ladies, with some white hair appearing, were walking along the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street and spied an older fellow (me) sprawled out on the sidewalk with his feet hanging out into the roadway (I’m tall so have to put my feet somewhere). They thought about coming to my rescue, realized I was lying on the ground on purpose, and changed their minds :-). I told them that I would relate their story in my blog. I hope they find it some day :-).

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