Magnolias and more.

Today was the official first day of the Canadian Tulip Festival.  Someone forgot to tell the tulips:-). Those tulips that might have been opened in the morning when the sun was shining, were closed in the afternoon as the clouds rolled in and rain threatened.

The tulip beds look healthy but most are still at the bud stage and need some more sunlight and warmth before the blossoms will be ready to open up. Since there were not many tulips to photograph, I decided to visit the Agriculture Experimental Farm’s Arboretum to photograph Magnolias instead.

The arboretum has a number of different varieties of Magnolia and trees of different ages and in different locations so they should provide an excellent display for the next 8 to 10 days and by that time the tulips should really be showing their stuff.

The Magnolias are fairly close to the Dow’s Lake parking lot so are pretty accessible from that location.

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  1. Neeroc says:

    Gorgeous. I love magnolias. I think I’ll hold off until next seemed to try to visit the tulips.

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