GoPro Canoe Test – Jock River Fen

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This blog entry relates to some experimenting with the GoPro camera while out on a leisurely tour of the Jock River with some of the Friends of the Jock River group. For images of our other Jock River outings or shots of some of the competitors in the Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak Race which is held each Spring, check out our Jock River and related postings list.

GoPro Canoe Test – Jock River Fen

On Sunday, my Dad and I went out on the Jock River to go canoeing and I got to test out my new GoPro camera. I first mounted it on the front of the canoe (picture above). Another couple had theirs mounted on a cross beam closer to the centre of the boat.

A bit later, I mounted the go pro using the Handle Bar mounting set to see how that might function. If Iwanted to mount the camera in the middle of the canoe, I could have used the Roll Bar mounting set. I also have the Surf mounting system which is a big sticky pad that one could paste on a flat surface but I’m likely going to use that one for the kayak where bars don’t exist.

Here, I’m looking a bit perplexed as the counter is showing 999 (as in 999+ pictures remaining on a 16GB card). It is taking pictures but of course the counter doesn’t go down. The camera has settings that will show a blinking light on the front every time the camera takes a picture, or now with the new bacpac you can purchase a screen for ~$99.

There is quite a lot of curvature in the lens itself, which, for most videos/photos, isn’t too bad such as when used as a helmet camera but ideally I should have mounted it a bit higher, in this instance, so that it would have shot a bit higher over the gunnel. Easily done for the next time.

We had a nice paddle with the group and then, once we arrived back at tour starting point and got the canoes out of the water/mud-bank, we headed home and I couldn’t wait to see what this camera did capture.

For more of the shots from this day’s outing see A Bit of Adventure on the Jock River

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