Confederation Building, Ottawa, Ontario

The Confederation Building sits on Wellington Street between the West Block and the Supreme Court Building. Designed by architect Clarence Burritt, the building was constructed between 1927 and 1931.

Since the building houses civil servants and members of parliament, the business and affairs that are undertaken within those walls are often considered top secret. Rumours that the building is under some form of top secret foreign or opposition surveillance are always denied :-).

Meanwhile, the folks in the Supreme Court Building that stands next door are too busy pondering loftier questions to be worried about things going on in the Confederation Building :-).

And in the building on the other side, the West Block is undergoing major repairs beginning this year and kicking everyone out while repairs are being done. Maybe the folks in the Confederation Building can reflect back on the repair work done to their facilities in the past few years and offer their condolences to all of those newly elected politicians who normally would have found space for themselves and their staff in the West Block. Conspiracy theorists might theorize that the West Block repair schedule and the recent election schedule was planned that way to disrupt opposition members’ campaigning activities. OMG, Did I say that ??? !!! Oh no, fodder for more rumours and innuendo 🙂 :-).

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