Canadian Tulip Festival starts May 6th, 2011

There are about 2 million publicly planted tulips in Ottawa just waiting to entertain residents and tourists alike when they burst into bloom. This year’s tulip festival takes place in Ottawa from May 6-23, 2011. My blog entries from Day 1, Day 2.

Unlike some other years, this year’s festival should see the tulips blooming closer to the end of the festival compared to some other years when hot, dry weather has shortened their blooming period. Our cool damp Spring, this year, should really help to keep them plump and in bloom over a longer period of time.

My own tulips are just beginning to flower. As in other years, the flowering of the large bloom tulips is preceded by the flowering of the wilder, smaller Turkestan tulips and preceded by the dwarf daffodils in my garden. They join the Forsythia and native Bloodroot flowers to provide an interesting combination of colours and shapes but are nowhere near as dramatic as the later tulip hybrids.

Looking for what’s happening in Ottawa at the Canadian Tulip Festival, visit the official Canadian Tulip Festival website and look forward to a great display of colours, shapes and forms. Follow my blog to see what tulips are flowering. I won’t be out photographing tulips every day but will update my blog often. My blog entries from Day 1, Day 2.

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