Brigantine Fair Jeanne Passing Through the Locks – Ottawa, Ontario

My interest today was photographing the tulips of Parliament Hill and Major’s Hill Park.

After leaving the tulip beds on Parliament Hill, I headed over to Major’s Hill Park but first had to stop at the locks of the Rideau Canal. This series of locks lift boats up from the level of Ottawa River and is the beginning of the Rideau Canal System and is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.

The largest ship that I had seen in the locks was in the final stages of the last lift in the set of locks bringing it up from the Ottawa River. The ship was the 110 foot brigantine Fair Jeanne registered in Ottawa to Bytown Brigantine Inc, a not-for-profit sail-training organization for youth.

I thought that it was a tight fit but with a bit of help with my fish-eye lens, I was able to fit it in a bit better 🙂 and then headed on my way over to Major’s Hill Park.

By the time that I had returned, they had cleared the lock and were on their way. While the ship and crew took a bit of a rest under the bridge, a piper entertained the passers-by overhead.

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3 Responses to Brigantine Fair Jeanne Passing Through the Locks – Ottawa, Ontario

  1. Claire says:

    Wonderful to read all about you and what a splendid job you did with that fish eye and other lenses capturing the Brig. Fair Jeanne….Downunder Claire from Hay…:)

  2. Jason says:

    Nice pictures. I am the Program Director for Bytown Brigantine, and as you know, the Fair Jeanne is one of our ships. Everyone got pretty sunburned yesterday, but the ship made it to her destination through the canal with no hiccups. Thanks for the documentation. I’ll spread the link around!

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