Lower Jock River by Richmond, Ontario

The Jock River flows from farmlands near Munster, Ontario, passes through Richmond, Ontario and continues downstream to where it empties into the Rideau River below Hearts Desire weir. I had previously photographed other parts of the Jock River but not the portion immediately downstream of Richmond, Ontario. Since Graeme and I were in that area trying out his new telescope as a potential digiscoping system, we decided to see what the lower Jock River had in store for us.

There is still plenty of water flowing in the location where the Upper Jock River Canoe/Kayak race ends but I have seen it at higher levels.

For quite a distance below the Eagleson Road bridge, Canada Geese were using the river as a staging are for forays into the adjacent corn stubble fields and as a resting stop in their migratory travels.

Meltwaters were still draining into the Jock River from the adjacent fields and I met a Richmond resident out for a nature walk with his young daughter. Weather was near perfect for such activities.

Further down the river, geese were present in abundance and enjoying both the river itself and the flooded areas alongside the river.

Meanwhile, back at home, my snowdrop blooms were increasing in number.

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  1. Hi Ron,
    Interesting shots with the 6.8 lens.
    Pretty good dept of field also.

    Cheers Until,

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