Elgin Street Infrared Walk-Around

Elgin Street Infrared Walk-Around

So, I was a few minutes early to a friend’s birthday party on Elgin; I had a camera in my bag. What happened next was extremely predictable…

Personally, I think that Elgin St. has more restaurants along it then any other street in Ottawa (except for, of course, the Market Area downtown) and, being at the heart of the city, it gets a lot of foot and street traffic to support that number of restaurants.

There is definitely more to Elgin Street than restaurant. As one of the older streets in Ottawa, Elgin Street has a lot of stone work and architecture that one can admire.

Plants always look neat in IR.

Even newer buildings can put on some flare.

New vs. Old – A look Up and Down the Street.

Not sure why I took this photo, likely due to the symmetry of the trees and less about the row of garbage cans lining the otherwise sculpted walkway.
Cars also always look cool in IR because of the way the paint job is lighter than the tinted look of the windows. My urge to shoot some IR out of my system, I headed off to the party.

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