The Green Mountains, Vermont

Time for another holiday :-). So with camera in hand and a car filled with gas, once again I was driving over the St. Lawrence River and into the United States. Usually, I cross at Ogdensburg, NY, but today I crossed at Cornwall, Ontario since I was heading east into Vermont and a final destination of Stowe, Vermont.

As I passed through the Akwasasne Reserve, I stopped to take a photo of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. With St. Patrick’s Day activities only a few days away it seemed like a timely reason to take the photo.

Akwesasne Reserve St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church

Windmill Wind Turbine Wind Farm

Our destination was Stowe, Vermont in the heart of the Green Mountains and with reasonably clear skies, it was nice to see the peaks of the mountains getting closer and closer.

Green Mountains Vermont

Green Mountains Vermont

We arrived at the Trapp Family Lodge just as the sun was beginning to dip behind the hills but there was still lots of light for shot across the valley.

Green Mountains Vermont

After a nice meal in their dining room, one last shot before doing a bit of planning for the next day’s activities.

Night Photography Trapp Family Lodge Stowe Vermont

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