Sammich Night at the Prescott

The Ottawa Flickr photography group is quite active and tries to get together once a month for a “pub’ night to meet and greet and swap stories.

Graeme and I try to get out to as many of the pub nights as we can. They are usually fun times and someone always has something to show everyone by way of the newest technology or something interesting from the film days. This particular evening was dubbed the March Sammich night. I didn’t get a photo of Myke’s sammich so a shot of a pizza will have to suffice.

Tonight, the challenge was to guess (?) the exposure parameters on a supplied photo. Lots of fun. I was declared the winner although probably only because I was the only one to suggest f22. From my film days, I decided that it would be what Kodak would have called a “cloudy, bright” day and worked from there. With the sharpness of the background hills, and the clarity of the dogs in the foreground, f22 had to be it and it was. Probably more luck than skill but that was my rationale anyway. Always have to remember something useful from the film days :-).

Tonight’s demonstration of “free lensing” is in video format here.

Enjoyed a bit of pizza, snapped a few portraits and met some new people and headed home before they closed the place (needed my beauty sleep). Looking forward to the next Flickr Ottawa outing.

Just experimenting a bit and photographing a mirror image.

Now that I have learned the source of all of Leon’s advice, guidance, hints and tips, I feel so much better :-).

In addition to the pub nights, there are many other outings during the year initiated by one or more of the group members who happen to share a common photographic theme or interest or who just happen to be free that day and have nothing better to do. We are continuing to retroactively blog the other Flickr Ottawa outings that we have been able to get to and will be continuing to add to those as time permits.

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  1. Claire says:

    Great club night out it appears with kids et al….
    Some real and innovative pics Ron…

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